Hope for every ‘fear’ out there


Fear is real.But thats all it is. Nothing more…

I finally held a conversation that I have been afraid of having despite knowing that I would one day have to have it. What I really feared was not the conversation itself but the possible consequences of it, specifically, the possibility of losing a friend. When the time came, I could feel it. And I hesitated just a little bit. I then remembered times in my life that I have had to face my fears and more vividly the feeling after I did. Remembering those feelings gave me the strength I needed to rise above this current fear. And I did. It was hard but it was right. When it was over, I began to feel, and even as I write this, I am still feeling. I feel;

  1. Growth. Facing our fears presents us the opportunity to grow. One of the best analogies for growth is a plant. Think about this, a plant can only do to things;grow or die. There is no such thing as bieng stagnant in living things. We are living beings and so if we are not growing, we are dying.
  1. Freedom. Addressing our fears sets us free from the burden of  thinking too much (worry), assumptions and taking things personally. We become lighter.
  1. Love. Facing our fears is an act of love for self and those around us. It means we are taking responsibility for your feelings (something that is rarely done today) and are ready to be held accountable for them too.

4. Strong. Overcoming our fears reassures us of the strength within us. Life is still going on and more challenges await me but having done this, I feel better equipped (wiser, lighter and capable of loving) for whatever lies ahead.

After the conversation with my good friend, it turns out they too have had fears of their own.I still do not know what will happen.As it is right now, they are chewing on the conversation as I am. It is my hope that this experience will grow our friendship into greater heights…I chosen to live hoping for the best and not fearing for the worst.

Think of something in your life that you have been afraid of facing. It could be anything; a weakness/struggle that we have and are afraid of acknowledging, something painful you know about someone you love but keep making excuses for them or an issue within family or circle of friends that you know needs to be put on the table and discussed or a feeling you are experiencing towards someone. Identify it and start to address it. Some are harder than others but all are possible.

This life is a journey and the nature of that word simply means that there’s always something to address.

Be encouraged!

Kalo. M

~ Captivating Art by Frank morrison ~

5 thoughts on “Hope for every ‘fear’ out there

  1. Alice Matthews

    Thank you for your openness to share. Speaking out a truth that you know needs to be said often brings a healing that you do not expect. I have learned to be in prayer and to say things filled with Grace and leave the rest to God. Love you

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mutindi

    Love!Courage!Freedom!Growth! It is treasure to feel all these…in the process of feeling!He is in all these ‘feelings’. Hoping for the best with you too mamasira!


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